The Advantages of Ocean Freight

The Advantages of Ocean Freight

Smarter Logistics offers efficient and reliable ocean freight solutions tailored to meet our customers needs. From LCL to FCL, foreign to foreign, and major global routes with record transit times, we are able to offer a full array of services. We have consolidated our competency, including the selection of carriers, determining routine and developing an effectual transportation program that includes local pick-up as well as delivery of shipments and customs clearance.


Ocean freight shipping is one of the oldest options for freight transportation. It is one of the most available, since oceans and waterways cover most of our planet, and there are a number of advantages. Here are our top 5 advantages for ocean freight transportation:

Ocean freight is the cheapest international shipping option. Some estimates show that shipping costs can be up to six times less expensive than air freight.

Shipping provides the most carbon-efficient mode of transportation with the lowest carbon-footprint. Ships produce less exhaust gas emissions for each ton of cargo transported than any other transportation method.

Shipping is the ideal way to move high volumes of cargo. Grouped with other cargo, smaller shipments can be accommodated in part-containers, allowing economically advantageous cost-sharing.